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Spy Cam

Doug (Vans posse) sent over these pics yesterday from the event. Too good. Scotty (our surf TM) and Joel Tudor both hopped onto a little tiny scooter.


Omar was judging Saturday’s best trick contest.

Best story of the weekend: Two 14-year-old girls ran up to Zach (twenty-something) and crammed a note into his hand then ran away laughing. It was their phone numbers on some Coastal Edge cash!



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2009 ECSC Results

Congrats everyone! Results are all posted via Surf USA.

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ECSC 2009 is a wrap!

Well, the event is all done. Thanks to everyone for coming out! We’ll have competition results, more photos, and interviews from the event posted tomorrow. Yaaaayyyyy!!!

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Gratuitous Beach Photos

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If Candy was People

…It would look like Kayleigh & Shelby. Best style in VA Beach.


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Ear of Corn Hole

This is my favorite thing. Corn hole tournament trophy is an actual ear of corn. More on this later.

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Portrait of a Tudor

So I say, “Joel, give me thoughtful, yet pensive.”

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Competition update

Here’s what the rest of the day looks like.

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Sneak attack lunch

Steve and Kristy Van Doren taking care of lunch for the athletes & vendors. Ain’t they sweet?

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Group photo!

Hey coastal edge! Y’all are soooo cute. I bet you get that a lot.

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