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Spy Cam

Doug (Vans posse) sent over these pics yesterday from the event. Too good. Scotty (our surf TM) and Joel Tudor both hopped onto a little tiny scooter.


Omar was judging Saturday’s best trick contest.

Best story of the weekend: Two 14-year-old girls ran up to Zach (twenty-something) and crammed a note into his hand then ran away laughing. It was their phone numbers on some Coastal Edge cash!



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Sneak attack lunch

Steve and Kristy Van Doren taking care of lunch for the athletes & vendors. Ain’t they sweet?

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Friday Wrap Up

Yeah, duh. Its Saturday so I gotta hurry & see what else is going on. I had to share with you some highlights from yesterday before I run out the door to the beach screaming. Vans’ Badders & Rambo were with team rider Rob Lorifice feeding swarms of seagulls out of their hotel window. Badders fed one out of his mouth. There was for sure a hula hoop contest going all day. Connie’s surfboard has her face airbrushed on it with a princess crown sticker. She’s funny:) We watched Good Old War play. Good old band. Surfy, surfy. Skatie, skate & bmxcellent. Shazaaam!

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The Mystery of the Vans Bus

Everyone always wants to hang out in the bus. You know what happens in there?

Josh Borden & Rob Lorifice stayed out too late.


Omar Hassan & Doug Palladini are couching it.


PB&J Meal of the Stars on wheat. You know. People gotta take care of themselves.


Mario B. wears cool glasses.


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How Much Stuff Really Fits in a Rental Car?

The answer is Jerry Badders, Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita, Dave Brumlow, Rob Nolli, Me, four bikes, 4 roller bags, and 5 back packs. We got in late last night just as Hurricane Danny started lighting up the sky and dropping some water buckets. VA Beach we readaaaay.

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Last Minute Preps

So much work goes into making events happen you wouldn’t even believe it. Evesdropping in Steve Van Doren’s office listening to him talk with our event manager, Mario, was intense. Everything sounds great from the venue!

Also looks like Rambo & Scott have all of our atheletes travel sorted out as well…mostly.

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Its starting…

The 47th Annual East Coast Championships kick off at 7am tomorrow morning! has all the official info posted. Whoot!

image via paul west Surf USA

Here’s another tease for you. I got a tiny pic from the crew working on set up for the event today. Its coming together. Doomey & Al are working on the scaffolding.

al & doomey.

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What’s happening…


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