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ECSC 2009 is a wrap!

Well, the event is all done. Thanks to everyone for coming out! We’ll have competition results, more photos, and interviews from the event posted tomorrow. Yaaaayyyyy!!!


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Competition update

Here’s what the rest of the day looks like.

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Checking in – Surf results

Here’s what the day looks like so far…

Pro mens round two 12.30
Wesley desousa
Mark dawson
Kyle garsen
Aaron cormican
Balaram stack
Philip goold
Todd holland
Wayne satterwhite jr
Asher nolan
Scott rosner
Ryan helm
Pat mcmannus
Cole richards
Tanner strohmenger
Brenden petticrew
Michael powell
John mincher
Jensen calloway
Adam lambert
Daniel terry
Steve owens
Lucas rogers
Shane upchurch
Hunter heverly
Mason sapp
Jody davis
Ford archbold
Rob kelly
Niles schweizer
Shae lopez
Jason borte
Travis beckman
Steve owens

Junior women round one 2pm
Emily ruppert
Haley watson
Katie gordon
Carly casella
Jessie dverr
Allison parks
Brook hiltz
Alison bowman
Amanda siviter
Katherine hullinger
Savannah mann
Alex papariello
Jessica kweicinski
Taylor brill
Caroline dverr
Bree kleintop

Menehunes round three quarterfinals 3pm
Pierre graham
Eric kaiser
Luke marks
Billy mcgarry
Quentin turko
Grady kenner
Katie gordon
Luke gordon
Michael lukeson
Parker sawyer
Chase travers
Oliver simon
Alison bowman
Wes laine jr
Tristan jimemez
Charles ward

Pro junior round three semi finals 4.20pm
Cole richards
Rob kelly
Brenden buckley
Brett barley
Baralam stack
Philip gould
Spencer regan
Bryce humphrey

Junior longboard division round one 4.30pm
Cam fullmer
Joseph monaghan
Kenneth andrews
Brandon minor
Bud trent
Luke kohart
Forrest roberts
Michael agnew

Boys division round three 5pm
Julien payne
Noah conboy
Weston williams
Morgan taylor leavel
Corey howell
Seth conboy
Jennings sessoms
Dane zoretic
Brad flora
Jack sessoms
Dylan barnhardt
Matthew aycud

Pro women round two semi finals 5pm
Karina Petroni
Kayla beckman
Emily ruppert
Caroline duerr
Hayley watson
Lauren mclean
Connie arias
Liz hauer

Open shortboard round two quarter finals 5.40pm
Cole richards
John belote
Luke gordon
Connor lester
Julien payne
Jake horton
Dalton gilley
Tyler bohn
Brad moran
Ken hunt
Evan barton
Josh beveridge
Nathan evans
Chase baryhak
Raven lundy
Granger clark

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ECSC Schedule Notes

Noteable notes today on ye olde schedule are as follows:

11am-6pm Coastal Edge Mini Ramp Jam.

Noon & 3pm Vans Pro Skate & BMX demos.

6pm Surf Legends of ECSC hall of fame

6.30pm Tom Curren totally jamming

For full event schedule hit up

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Tropical Storm Danny Making His Way to ECSC!

Bringing the party- Tropical Storm Danny could make ECSC the jump off. I hope it gets hurricaney enough for some good waves and be all crazy like its namesake. What? You didn’t know that this storm was named after the Bonaduce-miester? You didn’t know Bonaduce works for NOAA? It was totally on TMZ yesterday.

Don’t worry. I promise to bring you VANS STORM WATCH 2009 (of radness).tropical-storm-danny

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Athletes, Demos & Signings at ECSC

Alright, y’all. Here’s the latest athlete info list.

Athletes confirmed for Vans signings and/or demos during East Coast Surfing Championships:

  • skate: Neil Hendrix, Josh Borden, Bucky Lasek, Rob Lorfice, Alex Perelson, Mike Frazier, Omar Hassan, Jake Brown (Monster), Pierre Luc Gagnon (Monster)
  • surf: Joel Tudor, Nathan Fletcher, Karina Petroni
  • bmx: Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita, Dave Brumlow, Rob Nolli


Friday 8/28/09

  • 12-1pm bmx & skate demo
  • 1.30-2.30 skate & bmx signing (Vans tent next to vert ramp)
  • 3-4pm bmx & skate demo

Saturday 8/29/09

  • 12-1pm bmx & skate demo
  • 1.30-2.30pm skate/bmx/surf signing (Vans tent next to vert ramp)
  • 3-4pm bmx & skate demo

Sunday 8/30/09

  • 1-2pm skate/bmx/surf signing (Vans tent next to vert ramp)
  • 2-3pm bmx & skate demo

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ECSC Contest Map

here’s an arial view of what you can expect at the event. there’s a lot going on here.


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What’s happening…


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