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Group photo!

Hey coastal edge! Y’all are soooo cute. I bet you get that a lot.


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ECSC Hermit Crab Championship


Here’s where the real nail biting goes down. Who will win? Top seed Edmond Bacon was looking strong this morning, but Christoph has had a good last heat.


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Your Bike is a Sucker.

Chris (left) and Daniel

Today I met VA Beach native Daniel Turnipseed and his friend Chris Adams. These guys are a hoot. Daniel built both of these bikes because, “I don’t like other people’s bikes. I wanted to have something different.” So he designed and constructed both his gun bike and Chris’ chain bike.

The gun bike only took him three days to make. It is still a working gun with bullets in the chamber, though the barrel has now been moved to kick-stand status. Its got a grenade on it, too. The chain bike took 2 weeks to build. Each link is welded to keep the frame and handlebar shape. If you want to hit Daniel up for a bike email him


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You are everything cute.

This woman is swaying in front of me. “i loves kittiehz and babees….”

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He’s too young!

So sad for someone so young to have a monkey on his back.

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I just met the wizard.

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Friday Wrap Up

Yeah, duh. Its Saturday so I gotta hurry & see what else is going on. I had to share with you some highlights from yesterday before I run out the door to the beach screaming. Vans’ Badders & Rambo were with team rider Rob Lorifice feeding swarms of seagulls out of their hotel window. Badders fed one out of his mouth. There was for sure a hula hoop contest going all day. Connie’s surfboard has her face airbrushed on it with a princess crown sticker. She’s funny:) We watched Good Old War play. Good old band. Surfy, surfy. Skatie, skate & bmxcellent. Shazaaam!

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An ECSC ‘How To’ Guide for Newbies

Before you get to this…you gotta suss all this out.


Outfit: What shaaaall you wear? Party Pants! Hello you sassy things. “Did you just look my way?” “Annnnd how!”

Hairdo: If you don’t have time to grow your hair out for 17 years before ECSC, try extensions.

Hypnotizing glasses: See the swirl in the shades? Subtle, yet effective.

Sick whip: Apparently there was a giant baby at the beach yesterday, but I couldn’t find him.

Supplies: You’ll need to ready yourself. If you don’t have this set up, you’re gonna need 5-6 pirate boogie boards and a shell wall hanging. Hit the Shore Shop.


See you on the beach!

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Quote of the Day

Scenario: I’m walking down the boardwalk & I see a little vendor wagon roll by pulled by a four-wheeler. Older couple behind me say this….

Wife: Look at all that ice!
Husband: Look at all that beer!

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Things you don’t do in VA Beach

None of this…

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What’s happening…


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