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Spy Cam

Doug (Vans posse) sent over these pics yesterday from the event. Too good. Scotty (our surf TM) and Joel Tudor both hopped onto a little tiny scooter.


Omar was judging Saturday’s best trick contest.

Best story of the weekend: Two 14-year-old girls ran up to Zach (twenty-something) and crammed a note into his hand then ran away laughing. It was their phone numbers on some Coastal Edge cash!



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2009 ECSC Results

Congrats everyone! Results are all posted via Surf USA.

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Gratuitous Beach Photos

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Portrait of a Tudor

So I say, “Joel, give me thoughtful, yet pensive.”

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Feel the heat! Day three ECSC

Trucking right along at ECSC. Good stuff happening this afternoon. Pro finals! They just posted a revised contest schedule. See pic. Oh & Tanner Strohmenger says hi.

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ECSC Quick Clip

Gorgeous day! Ain’t you jealous?

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Quiksilver Super Groms

In the super groms division the little kids take over and simply get out and have fun. There were about 120 of them this year. Everyone gets something. Everyone wins.


Look at their little faces! Don’t trust ’em though. Shifty little surfers will steal you blind. Look at them…yep. Watch out.


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Checking in – Surf results

Here’s what the day looks like so far…

Pro mens round two 12.30
Wesley desousa
Mark dawson
Kyle garsen
Aaron cormican
Balaram stack
Philip goold
Todd holland
Wayne satterwhite jr
Asher nolan
Scott rosner
Ryan helm
Pat mcmannus
Cole richards
Tanner strohmenger
Brenden petticrew
Michael powell
John mincher
Jensen calloway
Adam lambert
Daniel terry
Steve owens
Lucas rogers
Shane upchurch
Hunter heverly
Mason sapp
Jody davis
Ford archbold
Rob kelly
Niles schweizer
Shae lopez
Jason borte
Travis beckman
Steve owens

Junior women round one 2pm
Emily ruppert
Haley watson
Katie gordon
Carly casella
Jessie dverr
Allison parks
Brook hiltz
Alison bowman
Amanda siviter
Katherine hullinger
Savannah mann
Alex papariello
Jessica kweicinski
Taylor brill
Caroline dverr
Bree kleintop

Menehunes round three quarterfinals 3pm
Pierre graham
Eric kaiser
Luke marks
Billy mcgarry
Quentin turko
Grady kenner
Katie gordon
Luke gordon
Michael lukeson
Parker sawyer
Chase travers
Oliver simon
Alison bowman
Wes laine jr
Tristan jimemez
Charles ward

Pro junior round three semi finals 4.20pm
Cole richards
Rob kelly
Brenden buckley
Brett barley
Baralam stack
Philip gould
Spencer regan
Bryce humphrey

Junior longboard division round one 4.30pm
Cam fullmer
Joseph monaghan
Kenneth andrews
Brandon minor
Bud trent
Luke kohart
Forrest roberts
Michael agnew

Boys division round three 5pm
Julien payne
Noah conboy
Weston williams
Morgan taylor leavel
Corey howell
Seth conboy
Jennings sessoms
Dane zoretic
Brad flora
Jack sessoms
Dylan barnhardt
Matthew aycud

Pro women round two semi finals 5pm
Karina Petroni
Kayla beckman
Emily ruppert
Caroline duerr
Hayley watson
Lauren mclean
Connie arias
Liz hauer

Open shortboard round two quarter finals 5.40pm
Cole richards
John belote
Luke gordon
Connor lester
Julien payne
Jake horton
Dalton gilley
Tyler bohn
Brad moran
Ken hunt
Evan barton
Josh beveridge
Nathan evans
Chase baryhak
Raven lundy
Granger clark

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Friday Wrap Up

Yeah, duh. Its Saturday so I gotta hurry & see what else is going on. I had to share with you some highlights from yesterday before I run out the door to the beach screaming. Vans’ Badders & Rambo were with team rider Rob Lorifice feeding swarms of seagulls out of their hotel window. Badders fed one out of his mouth. There was for sure a hula hoop contest going all day. Connie’s surfboard has her face airbrushed on it with a princess crown sticker. She’s funny:) We watched Good Old War play. Good old band. Surfy, surfy. Skatie, skate & bmxcellent. Shazaaam!

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Djs & Bikes & Dudes & Girls & Little Kids


There is definitely not one certain kind of person at this event. The crowd is amazingly diverse. On one hand you have 90 year-old stylish golf grandpa coming down to see what the fuss is about. Then you have professional surfers, high schoolers, families on vacation…its all over the place. Most importantly, Virginia has WaWa. P1000069

The 1st BMX/Skate Demo this afternoon was pretty cool. Nice Ramp. Sun. People flipping around all over the place. Those guys know how to please a crowd.


At the same time, I got to watch my first longboard competition. There were pros. There were piles of little, little kids cheering on their friends. I could get used to this. I will run on the platform ‘surf contest everyday’ in the next student council election.

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