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Gorgeous day! Ain’t you jealous?


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Checking In with the Vans Team

The whole crew was out to sign autographs today. Pretty overwhelming the amount of athletes there. Hundreds of people waited in line. (Thanks guys!) Not only do the athletes get to meet a great bunch of fans…after it was over they got pizza. Not a bad day. Look at those clouds, son. Daaaang.

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Footage from 1967 ECSC

This footage is from the film Summer of ’67. Link via Surf USA dot org.

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This is a quick look at the life of the Groms at the East Coast Surfing Championships 2006. Wonder if we’ll see any of these kids in the contest this year?

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2008 ECSC Footage

Here’s some footage we found from the 2008 ECSC mixed in with some surfing at the Outer Banks, NC. The OBX video was taken two days after the contest during a hurricane swell.

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Little Superstar

Vans has joined Coastal Edge to take part in the East Coast Surfing Championships. Partaaaay.

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