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The Architects

Wow. Hardest working band in the world today. The Architects are kicking ass in 100000 degree heat and sweating through their clothes and the drummer is starting to look a little pale. They sound awesome!


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Feel the heat! Day three ECSC

Trucking right along at ECSC. Good stuff happening this afternoon. Pro finals! They just posted a revised contest schedule. See pic. Oh & Tanner Strohmenger says hi.

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Valient Thorr & Mr Bimble

Met all these guys yesterday. Two more different kinds of artists couldn’t be found within 30 feet of each other. Valient Thorr rocks.


Mr Bimble rocks the balloon art.P1000241P1000240

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ECSC Quick Clip

Gorgeous day! Ain’t you jealous?

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Quiksilver Super Groms

In the super groms division the little kids take over and simply get out and have fun. There were about 120 of them this year. Everyone gets something. Everyone wins.


Look at their little faces! Don’t trust ’em though. Shifty little surfers will steal you blind. Look at them…yep. Watch out.


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Lil Jon dropping next

Look who stopped by to say hi!


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Checking In with the Vans Team

The whole crew was out to sign autographs today. Pretty overwhelming the amount of athletes there. Hundreds of people waited in line. (Thanks guys!) Not only do the athletes get to meet a great bunch of fans…after it was over they got pizza. Not a bad day. Look at those clouds, son. Daaaang.

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ECSC Hermit Crab Championship


Here’s where the real nail biting goes down. Who will win? Top seed Edmond Bacon was looking strong this morning, but Christoph has had a good last heat.


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Your Bike is a Sucker.

Chris (left) and Daniel

Today I met VA Beach native Daniel Turnipseed and his friend Chris Adams. These guys are a hoot. Daniel built both of these bikes because, “I don’t like other people’s bikes. I wanted to have something different.” So he designed and constructed both his gun bike and Chris’ chain bike.

The gun bike only took him three days to make. It is still a working gun with bullets in the chamber, though the barrel has now been moved to kick-stand status. Its got a grenade on it, too. The chain bike took 2 weeks to build. Each link is welded to keep the frame and handlebar shape. If you want to hit Daniel up for a bike email him


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You are everything cute.

This woman is swaying in front of me. “i loves kittiehz and babees….”

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What’s happening…


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